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#CRLiterature is a hub for all things Literature on deviantART. Run by the Literature Community Volunteers and community members, you should watch us to keep track of goings-on throughout the Literature community.

We post monthly news updates from the Community Volunteers, as well as contests, prompts, and chat events from throughout the community!

Love dA Lit Loves You: Vol. 10

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 5:00 AM
Hello lovelies. Love dA Lit Loves you! Well, it would if it were a sentient being, in the meantime please accept my undying love.  SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 

I don't actually get a lot of notes / comments from people sending me news or contests, so when I do I'm super happy. Like. Super duper happy. Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] by Jerikuto And what better way to say thank you than feature those who support Love dA Lit [I will feature those that frequently comment and fave too]! Then I might surprise you and randomly feature some people just because I can or those who've sent me in DD suggestions. It's all about spreading the love! Heart

As always I welcome suggestions for news, events, projects, groups, or contests for Love dA Lit! ♥

Love dA Lit (and Stephany) Gives Lots of Hugs and a Big Thank You To...


RoommateVince regretted bringing up the topic. He couldn't see Dominik's face as it was hidden behind a gasmask, but he could feel his sadness. I suppose when you've been roommates with the same person and suffered through the same college exams with him for a year and a half, you start to know their moods. Biting his lip nervously, Vince said, "Dominik, I'm sorry. I know you don't like-"
"No," Dominik inturrepted looking at Vince. "You've always been very supportive of me and you've told me a lot about yourself. It's only fair that you know about my parents."
"I guess it is fair, but if you'd rather not talk about it right now-"
"I'm fine with talking." Through the the eye holes of the gasmask, Vince saw a twinkle in Dominik's eye. "You know I don't like procrastination."
Vince chuckled. "I know. You make me feel terrible for putting off my homework."
Dominik leaned back on the old sofa they shared in their dorm and propped his feet on the coffee table that groaned under the weight. "There is
Seeking The Great PerhapsI go to seek the Great Perhaps
where persecution is like Latin--
and I can walk with my head held up high
for my flaws are no longer under a magnifying glass
for the whole world to see.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'true love' isn't a corny phrase
but actually exists
and one's looks, knowledge of books, whether or not she cooks
doesn't matter.
I go to seek the Great Perhaps
where 'mental illness' is not akin to 'crazy'
and people's eyes don't roam my body
for weapons that never were, never are, and never will be there.
And finally, I go to seek the Great Perhaps
a time, a place, a state of being
where I can venture beyond these walls
because I'll no longer be the thing that society hates.
Where Angels Walk    Their hoots echoed along the cold, wet alley. The indifferent rain, coating the sandstone brick, made the walls glisten like the exposed intestine of a turn of the century industrial giant.
    Rain licked her lips nervously, as fear settled deep, snuggling against her heart, her baby. The dusking, overcast light a weak ally, no strong noon here to drive away the shadows that lurked in the alleyboys hearts.
    Picking up her pace, Rain glanced back, saw the three grungy boys following her, lurid grins sliced across their dirty faces. No happy grins were these but grins of a different promise- a different, one sided happiness.
    The sidewalk angel watched the boys follow the pregnant girl into the alley. It knew the boys hearts, could read their twist from where it stood. The angel closed its eyes and reached out to touch their souls. Of the three, only one felt any kind of trepidation, felt any kind repulsion of what they were about to do.

perseveranceI'm the kind of empty 
that sounds like banjos
mourning a dry river bank,
the kind of weary that plants roots
in muddy soil and rejoices
because it has known the desert.
I'm the cracked skin oozing tar
on a logger's hands, the tobacco
that's grown into the spaces
between his teeth.
I'm the gnarled old oak that children
tell ghost stories under in summer -
my floor serves as a graveyard
for fireflies that dim themselves
under the glory of the stars.
And I'm the seed that drops each spring,
an inexhaustible possibility.  
Enter Stage Right        There is no doubt that in a part of my life I was an increasingly horrible person. Destructive, insulting and generally aggressive with no heart or empathy to other hope's and wishes. I wont excuse myself for some of the things I've done and acted on while it was in no way right. One of the first things I learned in life is that I wasn't going to have any friends if I didn't decide to change who I was. The idea that I didn't take the advice when it was first rolled out in front of me is to absolutely disgusting that I feel bad just thinking back on it. I got good grades but I was nearly suspended in elementary school on two occasions. The only thing that saved me was that small trigger flipping the switch to start all those cogs and gear to start turning as they made me realize if I wanted to be a somebody I needed to be more than defensive and irritable to everyone who made entirely obvious statements. To you, my friend, I really wish you knew me now.

detritusthe tumbleweed of Syracuse
is a plastic grocery bag
rolling across South Salina Street.
the mulberry treeI remember what it felt like to be 10 years old, with knobbly knees and always a great deal taller than everyone else my age. I was underweight and my shirt never quite reached where my shorts began at my waist but I had a thing for matching the colours for both items of clothing. I remember I argued with my mother for a week over how I was getting too old to wear those socks with the frilly lace at the top and could I please have ankle socks instead? In a couple of years I would be successful in persuading her to let me shave my legs too. But for the moment, I was 10 years old and high on the agenda was also convincing my mother that I had long outgrown dolls and that books was what I wanted instead.
There was a friend my mother would visit in the next town whose back yard was in my interest to explore, it contained various run down buses and caravans coated thickly in spider webs belonging to spiders long dead. I remember the smell of rust and decay. It never took much time for me to
Sounds Of SolitudeFalling leaves like flames,
guiding timid steps your voice
alone in my mind.

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Mon Nov 24, 2014, 1:00 PM
Ever thought about creating your own Literature group? STOP RIGHT THERE. You may not need to! There could already be a group that is doing the EXACT thing you want to do. Before you touch that 'Create a Group' button, check here to see if you can be a part of an admin team. You have the added benefit of already having a team around you. How cool is that?!

:note: I'll be posting this monthly and weeding things out quicker than I did with Love dA Lit, I want this is be as up-to-date as possible!

:note: If you know of a group, or run a group, that needs administrative assistance send me a note or leave a comment below.

ezradeacon has a fantastic list of Lit Groups in Need if you can't find what you're looking for here.

New Additions
In Need of Admins YOUR Thoughts!Hello everyone! :wave:
Before announcing our need for admins, we would like to ask your thoughts and opinions on the group. For example, how are we doing as a group? What could we do more to help make this a better experience for you? Is there anything that we can improve on?
Please feel free to criticise us! We would really like to read your thoughts and opinions on the group and what we have been doing so far.
Next, we are in (desperate) need for more admins for the following positions:
:bulletblue: Prompts Manager (handling prompts twice a month)
:bulletblue: Gallery Approvers (offering your thoughts on whether a piece is a story or not, subsequently, whether a piece should be submitted to our gallery or not)
:bulletblue: Favourites Project (heading up a project to do with our Favourites, involving tallying up people's responses, posting articles and submitting works into the gallery)
:bulletblue: Workshops (people posting articles related to six word stories)
:bulletblue: Pr



Specific Admins

General Admins

Multiple Open Positions

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Our original journal can be found here. It states the aims of TheKnow more fully.

Database Round-Ups:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen

The Database Index can be found here.

Hello and welcome to TheKnow’s latest journal. Thanks so much to everyone who has become a member and started watching since last time ^^ There hasn’t been much happening on the surface of the group recently. We just wanted to remind everyone we’re still here! :boogie:


We’re still hoping for submissions. If you have an area of personal experience that you are happy to answer questions on, in order to help other people with their writing research, please consider adding a scrap to our database. There is more information on our profile.


And we’re still available to take requests for information. If you need someone else’s personal experience or knowledge as help with your writing research, and it isn’t in the database, leave a comment here. We’ll gather all the requests together and put them out in another journal, asking if anyone can help. Though if someone reading this journal sees a request in the comments they can help with, please feel free to contact the requester immediately.

You can make a request at any time—leave a comment on whatever is the current journal or on the group profile, or send us a note. It isn’t necessary to be a member or a watcher to make a request, but it would be lovely if you joined in. :eager:


If the database or requests system helps you in writing something, we would like to put the finished article in our favourites. So, if you post your piece on dA and would like it to feature in our collection, please send us a link! We’re thinking about featuring the stories in our journals too.

Watching TheKnow

A note for anyone passing by: we understand some people may not want their details permanently on show in the database, but may feel comfortable talking to requesters privately via note. In that case, please consider watching TheKnow so you can keep an eye on the journals and what’s being looked for.

More Journal Entries

Daily Deviations

Suggest a literature Daily Deviation today!

Our lovely Community Volunteers collectively feature a few pieces of literature every day, many from suggestions by the community. Each CV likes to feature certain things more than others, and you can find their suggestion guidelines below!

Please send fanfiction suggestions to SingingFlames.

New to Literature on dA?

Expose-Lit: Your Literature LifelineWelcome to Expose-Lit, your group home on the web for a variety of tips on how to make the most of your DeviantART Literature experience. We hope to provide everyone with a fresh perspective and to assist wonderful deviants just like you in finding your way within our community. And, we all realize that every writer has their own personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses, so we aim to provide unique pathways into the community for everyone. We are here to help!
Welcome Wagon: Getting to Know You
If you are a new writer to DeviantART, or perhaps trying to discover what the general Literature community has to offer, you find out quickly how vast this community is and can be outright confused by everything that this diverse website offers. With the creation of Expose-Lit, it is our hope to merge together the wonderful Writers Welcome Wagon R
Breaking in to Lit!Introduction
Literature has long been considered one of the closest knit communities on deviantART. As a result, some people find it difficult to "break in" to the Lit crowd. There are rumors of elitism, difficulty in getting exposure, and lack-luster appreciation for the incredible work that goes into writing a good piece of prose or a well structured poem.
If you look at a painting you can see amazing detail, great use of color, and the importance of the subject immediately. You know it came from the artist's imagination and that he or she had to spend hours translating that to a canvas. The tangibility of the work is right in front of you. With writing, it is not quite the same. The effort the author puts into the work can only be appreciated if readers put in their own effort to read the work. The gratification is not instant, which is one reason the lit community is so close knit.
Those who do have large followings often also comment and read quite a lot of work h


This is the team of crazies trying to run this show!

Pie Master


Affiliation Policy

If you would like your group to affiliate with CRLiterature, please inform us WHY you want to affiliate with us, otherwise we will reject your request. We only affiliate with the following:

:bulletgreen: Official deviantART groups
:bulletgreen: Established groups for the literature community.
:bulletgreen: Groups that encourage critique sharing
:bulletgreen: Groups that share news

We will not accept the following:

:bulletred: New groups with no information what the group is about
:bulletred: Groups for other art forms

Newest Members



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We're not a general submissions group.  Currently we only request Lit DDs and projecteducate Lit articles.  If you're looking for a group to submit to, I would suggest WritersInk.
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