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#CRLiterature is a hub for all things Literature on deviantART. Run by the Literature Community Volunteers and community members, you should watch us to keep track of goings-on throughout the Literature community, or join us to submit community news to the group journal and participate in group-sponsored activities.

We post monthly news updates from the Community Volunteers, as well as contests, prompts, and chat events from throughout the community!

Stop by and say hello!

Mentorship Project, Ninth Lesson

Thu May 28, 2015, 10:04 PM

Hello, my dear mentors and mentees! :salute: I hope the course is going fine for you all, and that you're learning and enjoying yourself. Hopefully making friends, too! (:

First things first

There will be an interview article on brevity coming up. Please check it out! And maybe give it a fav:+fav: because it deserves the exposure. :heart:

Poetry Course - Lesson 9

This 9th lesson focuses on brevity.

The Resources/Articles

LiliWrites on brevity
Effective Brevity
And just a google search will turn up so many articles

As before, a warning. Some of these articles may repeat each other, some may give different kinds of advice for the same topic - you can read them all, your mentor can read them and then explain to you, you can choose a few or just one to read; it's really all up to you. We're giving you the tools, but you shape your own course together.

The Activities

Bullet; Red write and submit one piece each to the groups SixWordStoriesminimalitthe-haiku-club, and Multhaiku.

Bullet; Black Rewrite a longer poem (yours or otherwise) using half the lines; highlight the essential parts and scrap the rest. As a super challenge, rewrite it using one third of the lines. (no smart cookiness allowed of course - lines around as long as the original's!).

So what do you want to see from us before the lesson is over?

From the activities above, if you do happen to write a piece resulting from them, please note us:note: a link to it so we can include it in our Mentorship Project folder.

Do you need someplace to meet up and talk? A great idea is exchanging skype details, or meet up in theWrittenRevolution's chatroom, it's at your disposal. (:

Prose Course - Lesson

The next prose lesson will be on June 5th.

Poetry fellows,your next lesson will be posted on June 11!

Prose mentees,your next lesson will be posted on June 5!

If you need anything...

Please note the group and let us know any concern you have, or clarification/advice that is needed, we're here to help! Just a note:note: away.

>>All hail ginkgografix for this beautiful skin.

The Tearoom Debates I: Inspiration v. Infringement

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:49 PM

Welcome to the first installment of CRLiterature's new article series, The Tearoom Debates! We've shamelessly ripped off Mrs-Durden and CRPhotography, who currently run a bi-weekly series of opportunities for group readers to debate both sides of questions like "film or digital?" and then, in the next article, spotlight the input of the previous week's commenters.

Our format will be a bit different though. We'll still be keeping the biweekly frequency, and each article will feature your comments from the previous week. We're adding a touch of our own - some CRLiterature admins and the occasional guest lecturer will offer our input in the body of the articles, to give you food for debate right out of the gate! (Oops, in-rhyme. This isn't a poem, I promise.) Easy enough concept, right?

So, with no more fanfare--

-- let me announce the first question:

At what point, for you, does a piece inspired by another work cross the line into plagiarism?

With all the recent lawsuits about music "inspired by" other pieces, and the trendiness of found poetry in the small presses, it seems like the perfect time to be debating this. There are no wrong answers. Speak your mind. One random commenter will get a one-month premium membership for participating, so grab your nearest keyboard and let us - and everyone else - have it!

Our Input:

The accessibility of the internet has meant boundless sources for anyone to pick up “inspiration” and use it how they must. Whether this is creating Pinterest boards or copying and pasting extracts that speak to you- there is no issue and actually something I’d encourage writers to do. However, it's what you do with your source material that determines where the line is. How much of what you are taking is too original, and how much of it is sparking your own creativity? If you are relying heavily on the former, then you are probably getting to a point where you are just copying and not creating something new.  You should always credit the sources you use and on dA make use of your artists comments as you can discuss the inspiration point- and don’t be offended if people say the likeness is too close, use it as a source of redraft improvement. - BeccaJS 

If you're using a quote, you have to cite it. If you're writing something derivative as a writing excerise, you need to say so, and let folks know what you're using as inspiration. If you're working on a piece for future publication, or are publishing a derivative piece, your work needs to be transformative. You can't just put in linebreaks and call it found poetry. You can't replace a few words and say that you've recreated the piece as yours. There has to be a sense of your voice and your story in the new work, or else you're pretty much stealing. - PinkyMcCoversong 
Personally, I think anyone who's saying they don't draw inspiration from other works is full of it, or full of themselves, or something - everything is derivative to some extent, even if it's just in passing. And even full derivation is a great learning exercise, respinning a piece into your voice or deconstructing it. The line, for me, is what the creator of the derivative work, any derivative work, intends to actually do with it. If you're keeping it private, or showing it on a personal blog like DeviantArt, as long as it isn't a verbatim copypaste it's fine in my books. If you're selling it for money without paying the original artist a licensing fee, or publishing it in a small nonprofit press without crediting the author? That's a dick move. We all want notoriety, we all want credit. Even if the original artist has more money and fame and houses in Malibu than you, they still want people knowing their work exists and is out there. Be considerate. God. - tiganusi
The difference between inspiration and infringement is easy: It all depends on how litigious the owner of your inspiration is. In more detail, the difference between infringement and inspiration is still a very blurry, thin line. The legal standard is of course "substantial similarity" which is pretty much as ridiculously vague as possible. After that you get into specific case law, but there are no "original" ideas any more. Everything is an iteration off an older idea, to an extent. And come on, even if I'm inspired by a movie about robots and triple-boobs, and make a movie that is, in my mind, inspired by and substantially different to, Michael Bay is still going to sue me for my actress's triple-boob. - haldron 

Your turn! Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Where is the plagiarism/inspiration line for you?

Skin by SimplySilent


Hello, my minions and various people who watch me for I wonder which reason. I was appointed Literature Community Volunteer together with LiliWrites yesterday and so, here are my very well-thought and really not crappy DD GUIDELINES.

Let's talk about what Daily Deviations are first.

Many deviants here think that a daily deviation is an award for something: an achievement, talent, improvement, anything. Well, they're not. A Daily Deviation is a feature, like when you make a journal with a few deviations you like in it, except that in this case, this "journal feature" is site-wide.

"What does that mean, lady Maiden?"

Well, my minion, it means that the fact that I featured yours, or someone else's work, means in itself nothing at all except: "I like this work, and I'd like for the whole of DA to be able to see it." A Daily Deviation doesn't make you a somebody, it just means that that one deviation impressed me enough to think "wow, I should show this to as many people as I can." Always, always remember that just because someone else got a DD and you haven't, it doesn't make them better than you. :heart: A lot of it comes down the personal taste of the Community Volunteer that chose the deviation, too!

Now we can move on to my:

Guidelines, which are sort of like orders but not really

First off, a few things that you need to keep in mind when suggesting, not only to me but in general:

:bulletpink: is the deviation you're suggesting part of an ongoing contest? Wait until the contest is finished to suggest it or withdraw it from the contest if it is yours.
:bulletpink: is the deviation you're suggesting using a preview image (an image at the top of the text)? Who does that image belong to, is it credited properly in the Artist's Comments? If it isn't, I can't feature it.
:bulletpink: is the deviation you're suggesting from a deviant who has gotten a DD in the past six months? (you don't know how you can do to find that out? Go to their profile page and to the URL add the text "/dds", like and it will display a list of their DDs)
:bulletpink: self-suggestions are a thing. Do it.

Now to my personal preferences...

I could start by saying what I will be saying later, because it's the one and only truth, but if I say that before the rest everyone will bulk-suggest themselves without bothering to read the rest. So read everything. :stare:

There are a few things that, as a writer, I can't accept to feature. These are:

:bulletpink: grammar mistakes. Typos happen, I understand that, and I know English isn't the easiest language since I'm not a native speaker myself. But to feature something, it must be good, and good means correct grammar before anything else - because let's face it, you wouldn't read a book riddled with spelling and grammar slips. I don't either.
:bulletpink: walls of text. Please, for the love of your keyboard, double use the Enter key.
:bulletpink: I'm inclined to say that smaller text will make me less likely to love your work. I have a blind eye, another one which doesn't work the best, don't make me and half of DeviantArt squint, please?

I would also appreciate it if you could title your note "DD Suggestion" and if you could tell me WHY the piece you're suggesting deserves a DD according to you. Even if it's yours, especially if it's yours, I want to know! I love reading the reasons why a Daily Deviation was awarded, and as such, I'll always try to give my own reasons too, so help me out.

With that out of the way, I have no hard preferences. I like reading everything if it's well-written, any genre, any poetry form - anything; good reads are my weakness. I like brevity and flash fiction but I enjoy long-winded descriptions in stories at times, I love free verse but fixed form has a beauty of its own, and so on. I can't decide and if you make me, I will probably change my answer to any person asking me to.

So send me what you will, both poetry and prose, and fear the consequences.

I'm fluent in Spanish and Italian, too, so please send me your deviations in those languages also. :heart:

The Other Literature CVs

And their guidelines!

:iconirrevocablefate: IrrevocableFateDD Suggestion Guidelines
:iconsingingflames: SingingFlamesDaily Deviation Guidelines
:iconliliwrites: LiliWritesDD Suggestion Guidelines

Suggest away! :dummy:




The Community hub group for the Literature gallery on DA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrliterature:

More Journal Entries

Daily Deviations

Suggest a literature Daily Deviation today!

Our lovely Community Volunteers collectively feature a few pieces of literature every day, many from suggestions by the community. Each CV likes to feature certain things more than others, and you can find their suggestion guidelines below!

Please send fanfiction suggestions to SingingFlames.

For more information about Daily Deviations including what they are, how to (and how not to) suggest them, and more, see these helpful articles.

Help us pick the next 6 Book Club Books! Here are your choices: 

8 deviants said List your top 5 in the comments.
3 deviants said Make sure you vote or else no whining when you don't like the books!
2 deviants said Yes you can include a write-in in your top 5.
1 deviant said <----here's that link again

New to Literature on dA?

Expose-Lit: Your Literature LifelineWelcome to Expose-Lit, your group home on the web for a variety of tips on how to make the most of your DeviantART Literature experience. We hope to provide everyone with a fresh perspective and to assist wonderful deviants just like you in finding your way within our community. And, we all realize that every writer has their own personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses, so we aim to provide unique pathways into the community for everyone. We are here to help!
Welcome Wagon: Getting to Know You
If you are a new writer to DeviantART, or perhaps trying to discover what the general Literature community has to offer, you find out quickly how vast this community is and can be outright confused by everything that this diverse website offers. With the creation of Expose-Lit, it is our hope to merge together the wonderful Writers Welcome Wagon R
Breaking in to Lit!Introduction
Literature has long been considered one of the closest knit communities on deviantART. As a result, some people find it difficult to "break in" to the Lit crowd. There are rumors of elitism, difficulty in getting exposure, and lack-luster appreciation for the incredible work that goes into writing a good piece of prose or a well structured poem.
If you look at a painting you can see amazing detail, great use of color, and the importance of the subject immediately. You know it came from the artist's imagination and that he or she had to spend hours translating that to a canvas. The tangibility of the work is right in front of you. With writing, it is not quite the same. The effort the author puts into the work can only be appreciated if readers put in their own effort to read the work. The gratification is not instant, which is one reason the lit community is so close knit.
Those who do have large followings often also comment and read quite a lot of work h


Affiliation Policy

If you would like your group to affiliate with CRLiterature, please inform us WHY you want to affiliate with us, otherwise we will reject your request. We only affiliate with the following:

:bulletgreen: Official deviantART groups
:bulletgreen: Established groups for the literature community.
:bulletgreen: Groups that encourage critique sharing
:bulletgreen: Groups that share news

We will not accept the following:

:bulletred: New groups with no information what the group is about
:bulletred: Groups for other art forms

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