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The Know Database Round-Up 22

Tue Feb 24, 2015, 12:36 PM by SCFrankles:iconscfrankles:
Our original journal can be found here. It states the aims of TheKnow more fully.

Database Round-Ups:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-one

The Database Index can be found here.

Hello and welcome to TheKnow Database Round-Up 22! :D

Database Submissions

Here are the latest submissions to the database:


History: luzmela has a Bachelor´s degree in Geography and History that includes History of Art. She chose an university that allowed distance education because she wanted to work at the same time.

There were several areas of study:

 -History: archeology, prehistory; ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history.
 -Geography: Physical and human
 -Art: the different artistic movements, from prehistory to nowadays.

Also: philosophy, literature, paleography (the study of ancient writings and inscriptions), Latin, philosophy, economics, English applied to history texts and archaeological surveys.

Her studies have taught her how to find the historical information she needs. If anyone needs information about any particular historical moment, they should feel free to ask her. (Please see her scrap for her full statement.)


Emigrate: As a result of her country’s difficult situation, luzmela’s husband had to emigrate to Germany to work as a nurse there. luzmela has continued to live in Spain because at first her salary was the only support for both of them. This situation has been in place for over a year.

If these subjects would be useful for your writing research, please contact the submitter directly by sending her a note. If you want to make a submission to the database yourself, the information is on our profile.


We take requests for information too. If you need someone else’s personal experience or knowledge as help with your writing research, and it isn’t in the database, leave a comment here. We’ll gather all the requests together and put them out in another journal, asking if anyone can help. Though if someone reading this journal sees a request in the comments they can help with, please feel free to contact the requester immediately.

You can make a request at any time—leave a comment on whatever is the current journal or on the group profile, or send us a note. It isn’t necessary to be a member or a watcher to make a request, but it would be lovely if you joined in. :eager:


If the database or requests system helps you in writing something, we would like to put the finished article in our favourites. So, if you post your piece on dA and would like it to feature in our collection, please send us a link! We’re thinking about featuring the stories in our journals too.

Watching TheKnow

A note for anyone passing by: we understand some people may not want their details permanently on show in the database, but may feel comfortable talking to requesters privately via note. In that case, please consider watching TheKnow so you can keep an eye on the journals and what’s being looked for.

:wink kiss: by iDJPanda

Writers' Workshop: FOUND POETRY!

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 7:11 PM
Writer's Workshop
where writers workshop writing!

Welcome to the first workshop of 2015! *confetti*

Hi, I'm PinkyMcCoversong. You can call me Emily. I write all kinds of poetry, but one of my favorite styles is found poetry. So, for the next few weeks, I'll be guiding you through the world of found poetry. Using found poetry techniques is not only one of my favorite ways to write, but it's also a way to give yourself a creative kick in the butt when you're having a hard time revving those engines.

This workshop might be a bit different from previous workshops because 1. there's a LOT to be had in found poetry and I want to give you a taste of a few different methods and 2. I'm hoping that each participant can send us three to six different pieces based on three different featured methods, which I'll describe below.

Here's how we're gonna do this thang:

  • You have until March 1st (when I'll post the first of the how-to journals) to familiarize yourself with the not-required-but-totally-fun-and-useful-recommended reading, as outlined below. You can also read while we write, but it's good to get ahead!
  • There will be THREE how-to journals (one for each of the methods briefly outlined below) over the course of two weeks.
  • After each how-to journal, a folder will open for that method. Place the piece(s) you'd like workshopped into the correct folder. (Remember, you learned things, so put your pieces in the correct folders!
  • Everybody critiques everyone! I really want to see you guys interacting on each other's pieces.
  • At the end of the month, I'll post a round-up with feedback on some of the submitted pieces from each category.
  • -500000 for submitting poetry that IS NOT FOUND.

So. What is found poetry?

Found poetry, in its many forms, uses already existing text (or source texts) to create brand new poetic narratives. There are a few basic types of found poetry from which every other style seems to originate. Over the course of the workshop, we'll be doing in-depth studies of each of three methods, which I'll briefly outline below, with some recommended reading. (Seriously, read! Reading is so good. And fun. And helpful! Especially when trying something new!)

1. Erasure

This is possibly the most common type of found poetry, or at least the most visible. Erasure poetry (sometimes called blackout or whiteout) is created when the author literally erases certain words of a source text, leaving the remaining words and phrases to create something new. You can do this visually, with editing software on your computer or with a sharpie or White-Out on a book/photocopy. Or, you can just write out the words and phrases that you keep into a new document, adding or subtracting punctuation and changing capitalizations, creating new stanza breaks, etc., as long as the words appear in the same order that they appeared in the original text.

Examples on dA:

Recommended offsite reading:

2. Cut-up/Remix

Cut up and remix are two sides of the same coin. While cut-up is sometimes more literal in that poets will take scissors to a text and pull cut out words and phrases at random to take a new text, remix implies a more strategic approach, in which a poet simply uses source material as a limited palette with which to create a new piece. You can use any word that appears in the source text, but you don't have to use the words in the order that they appear, like you do with erasure.

Examples from dA:

you thereyou there;
          my dear sprinkling spirit
             the one soul we know,
                 you have meaning.
                             be the tune/
                     the cause
              our heaven in the forests
                         go there for me
cut up by derkert  The Libra HusbandI.
they can get you
in East Hampton for wearing red shoes
on a Thursday
  I don't know whether you knew
  that--I mean--do you know
it's very hot in New York City
I like the terrible noise
you hear at night and all these terrible
drilling sounds--I never go to sleep 
unless the whole pavement is jumping
outside and it's a hundred degrees
when I go to New York City I see myself
--Where have you been?
--Where have you been?
--Where have you been?
--Where have you been?
this is the revolutionary costume:
I never wear this
in East Hampton.
I'm not gonna spend another winter
in East Hampton--
in the first place I can't
I just can't
I can't spend another winter
out here in the country
I can't do it
I'm telling you--I can't
I can't get my figure back
unless I hit New York City
any little rat's nest
in New York City
any little mouse hole
any little rat hole
even on Tenth Avenue
I would like better
  it's all a question
  of who you want to

Recommended offsite reading:

3. Cento 

This is probably the hardest form of found poetry -- and deceptively so. It might seem easy, because a cento is essentially a stack of quotes from other sources. Some poets collect lines from different poems and put them together as a new poem. Some poets might use lines from novels or newspaper articles. The trick is to create a new narrative in YOUR voice using others' lines and quotes. That's where the difficulty comes in.

Examples from dA:

Hope DivingHope is the thing with feathers
diving for dreams;
we grow accustomed to the dark
and this sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is,
adjusts itself to midnight.
Though the stars walk backward,
I have come after them and made repair.
Eternity floated a blossoming
and he unrolled his feathers
with, "Let us look at the sky."
   Better For Her PraiseBetter For Her Praise
Minerva's snow-white marble eyes
Without the gift of sight;
forever dead and lovely now.
She's glad the birds are gone away
On that disused and forgotten road,
the snow carefully everywhere descending
and they are better for her praise.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
between the woods and frozen lake,
what passed between us, she was only feigning,
she loves the bare, the withered tree.
She thinks I have no eyes for these,
as I have known them passionate and fine.
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep
and they are better for her praise.
Lines taken from Poems by
E.E. Cummings
Robert Frost
Tom Waits
   Moonrain reverie.I.
March days return with their covert light --
in the wave-strike over unquiet stones,
there, where the waves shatter,
you are the daughter of the sea;
but I like you calm, as if you were absent,
so that you will hear me.
I hunt for a sign of you:
I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair --
perhaps not to be is to be without your being.
Tie your heart at night to mine, love,
rest with your dream inside my dream;
and because love battles,
maybe you'll remember that
the tree is here, still, in pure stone.
Tonight I can write the saddest lines:
"I remember you as you were,
in my sky at twilight" --
here, I love you.

Recommended offsite reading:

Down to Business:

During the first week of workshop, we're going to do erasures! Get your source materials ready! Some of my favorite sources are Teen Vogue, sci fi novels, classic literature, and the local newspaper. What will you use?

Still looking for more info on found poetry? Check out Found Poetry Review, which has pretty much everything you ever needed to know on this artform! And definitely feel free to post comments -- I'll answer all of your questions!


When you post your work, if you do any kind of visual presentation, you have to make sure that you black out any text that you are not using as part of your poem. Don't just cross it out, black/white it out completely. You can also use collage elements as part of your presentation, but you also have to use the same rules that would apply to any collage. See this info on collage and copyright. You can also check out the resources on fair use at Found Poetry Review. ALSO, be sure to cite your sources as specifically as possible. For example, if you wrote a poem from a magazine article, cite it the same way you would for a research paper. If you use a book, do the same, and be sure to specify page numbers!

Who's Who on dA: Issue 4

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 3:18 AM by Medoriko:iconmedoriko:
Hey everybody! Medoriko here with something I have been wanting to do for awhile. :heart: I enjoy doing feature articles, but I have realized more and more that a lot of features people do (and I'm super guilty of this) involve people that are more known in the literature community here. Or, in my case, it's a feature of people I'm good buddies with. There's an incredible amount of talent hiding in the corners of dA, and I want to give some spotlight to those that haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. We have all been there, and you gotta start somewhere right? Sometimes that's the push we need when we're new to dA, and just getting started. This is also for deviants who aren't new, but may be under the radar a bit. Either way, this is a good way to get some glimpse into who's out there in this big world that is the lit community on deviantArt.

Thus the entire point of this feature article series I'd like to call: “Who's Who on dA”. It will be feature articles spotlighting some lesser known dA writers. Hopefully, this will serve to get some views/attention their way. Or, at the very least, make their day for a bit. :love:

If you have any people in mind that you think should be featured in any of the Who's Who Issues, feel free to note me privately with their dA name, why you think they should be featured, and maybe some pieces you think need to be included.

Here's Issue 4:


PenhallowCover to cover
Blood running between the lines,
And lies like pollen
Spread from life to love and back.
Brother, grant the love we lacked.
Loved Deeper StillI have indeed loved deeper still
Before my mem'ry let you go,
And cast about for barren thrill.
I have indeed loved deeper still,
And I will love again. I will.
My calloused heart will overflow;
I have indeed loved deeper still
Before my mem'ry let you go.
Come back to me and force my hand--
I cannot cause myself to feel.
Your love my heart will not withstand;
Come back to me and force my hand.
Alas, you heed not my command.
Instead, you wish my soul to heal.
Come back to me and force my hand--
I cannot cause myself to feel.
This love steals slowly in the night--
I breathe the soft grace as I sink.
What must I do? How shall I fight?
This love steals slowly in the night.
I have indeed loved; you were right:
I built my shackles link by link.
This love steals slowly in the night--
I breathe the soft grace as I sink. 
The Queen of ArtsI gave a sacrifice of skin and bones;
She slew the dragon fruit with orchid eyes
Once pasted 'gainst her skull in sky-green tones.
The hirsute holly held the best disguise.
Now round the garden goes our best intent.
Said four a.m., "the timorous must flee.
For this, the summer of our discontent
We must be brought to bare our hearts to thee."
The clock struck half past four and she is near,
Resplendent in her candled fairy home
Accepting homage for her fourteenth year
And casting minstrels out into the gloam.
O Queen of Arts, you bring this rhyme to close
With fourteen lines, a nightmare, and a rose.
My Present LongingI longed for summer
Back in dusty rooms of woodsmoke
Reveling in cocoa, briefly,
But aching for days I remembered
As alive
And full of joys in cut grass
And watermelon rinds.
Summer evenings cooled to sultry theatres
For fireflies on a clothesline-curtain stage.
And my age
Was two and a hundred sixty
For all the breeze knew.
Skinned knees at ten
Sunburnt knees at twenty
And now, knowing that the summer evenings
From the clothesline into winter
I wish I'd had more snow cones
And sticky hands at midnight
Ere the crisp leaf pumpkin autumn sends it home.


Foggy NightSnaking trails of mist
Cut my breath away;
Inhale the silent terror
Of a hundred memories;
Trees rattle with ice, unseen
Reaching in the shadowy curtain
To find me
To grip me
To hold me in this darkness
This shifting, sifting world of black.
Time stands still - 
Only the fog moves,
Creeps over my skin;
Cold seeps into my bones,
Calling to mind desolate moors,
Creatures of other worlds,
Lost children,
Ancient tales,
And loneliness.
Great, stretching, deepening, ghostly
Any Good    It was a stormy day in the middle of a weary summer. Gray rain was smuding the windows of a certain darkened house. Robin sat in her living room, staring at shadows of droplets sinking over the walls.
    At the very same moment, her younger brother was signing twin adoption  papers in sunny California.
    Baby birds were nestling in a tree close by, children of a sparrow rescued last spring.
    A child in Haiti was still thrilling to the contents of a Christmas shoebox.
    A beloved bulldog was home with his family after days on the run.
    Hung on a sweet neighbor's mantle was a "thank you" card, bringing a smile whenever she dusted.
    And a midwestern tornado spared a brilliantly-designed bank building.
    Memories of supporting her brother through a dark depression, saving a sparrow, sending a shoebox, returning a lost dog, mailing a "thank you" note, and befriending a reclusive engineer
My Artist    The first thing I ever saw was her thoughtful face, pondering over me. I didn't smile. I couldn't move. I barely had any life in me at all… I was so stagnant and flat. Yet somehow I was starting to live. I must have been very vivid in her brain. 
    The next time she drew me, I was in a much more dynamic pose. That was more like it. I could feel a personality shifting and taking form. I wondered who I was.
    My hair got longer on the next page - a bit more wavey - and my eyebrows got a teensy bit sassier. My eyes were the favorite, though. She spent so long on each one, getting them just right. How thankful I was that she always sketched them first; I got to watch her draw the rest of me. Her forehead wrinkled and nose flared when she was most concentrated. She would let out sighs and little gibberish noises with her lips whenever she erased part of me. But whenever something was right, like a special flare i
Please Change BackI had learned to live with it, the rain.
It had become normal, accepted, expected
I was gasping with pain at first,
Every drop an acid sting,
But now it was a part of life.
But suddenly, thrillingly, surprisingly,
It changed to snow.
Every flake a new hope, cooling my old burns,
Wafting through the wind like precious dreams.
I never wanted it to end.
It was never supposed to end.
But it changed back to rain.


i will find foreveri've been told that 
nothing is forever -
forever's only fantasy
but i will go and find forever
and i'll bring it back
for you and me
Concrete beds
Sleepless woe
Discomfort, unrest
Cardboard pillow
Empty bellies
Nutrient deficiency
Skin and bones
Crying pleas
Ragged shoes
Stained, torn shirt
Ripped pair of pants
All covered in dirt
Family separation
Begging pleas dismissed
Acute isolation
Beds and snuggies
Bed-time stories
Heated room
And slumberous glory
Pantries, snacks
Foolish dining -
Obesity's back
Closets and drawers
Clothing galore
"Nothing to wear"
We ask for more
Family visits
Christmas parties
Loving hugs
So warm and hearty
Life HaikuThe secret to life -
But, hush, only you may know -
The secret is to
Love is...That dusty, old board game on the highest shelf -
Impossible to reach until we are tall enough.
Or perhaps, until a step stool is used? (Alas, however, that is blind ambition!)
But once we are tall enough, and we grasp it,
We find that some parts are broken,
Some parts are missing,
And the instructions are nowhere to be found!
We still play the game.


NeuronElectrically alive
lighting strikes,
charging the skip
of the synaptic gap.
Diffusion dance,
graded defiance
a  stimulus hiss
'till light
stops sparking.
ConcentrationI lost my mind a while ago,
I wonder where it went.
It could be fishing in a stream
or camping in a tent.
It might be flying in the air
or floating in the sea,
and the only place it isn't
is in my head with me.
The Rain fell UpIt was a blustery, gusty day,
storm clouds dark and dreary,
a perfect time to loaf away
but the rain
Human heads reclined,
water pooled along the blue
and no one had a single guess
as to what to do.
Scientists confounded and
creationists expounded
as to why the precious water
away from earth had flew.
Would it stay exalted,
pooling in the air,
continue casting webbed light
from the atmosphere?
An astronaut in space said
the earth looked like a laugh,
a spinning, churning tub
with too much bubble bath.
And when his ship returned to earth...
it splashed.
Storm BrewersThe three old ones began to dance.  No longer could they creak in their rocking chairs, tatting rainbows and humming soft rains.  Their old bones whined, and they knew it was time to gather long bolts of wind and sing a storm into their cauldron (which is to say, the world).  
The three of them, old and wrinkled, began to stomp out a gentle rhythm and one began to chant.
Cauldron, simmer sun no more,
better things for you in store,
fill yourself with winded wrath!
Cloth yourself with lightning flash!
Each moved their mouth in unison, only one speaking.  They shared one voice between them.
Let no lightning strike or burn…
The second spoke, immediately contradicted her sister’s previous statement.  The first opened her mouth in a voiceless yowl as the second continued.
rather, let the ocean churn
toss the beings out as chaff,
spare no mortal further path!
A frenzy followed, their dance quickened with wild intentions.  The cauldron swirled with c


Shift your cogsMachinery.
Ready yourself
for a tomorrow of hauling
-for you will be nothing more
than teethed wheels and wires
she will coolly keep her hands on the controls
so hope for no last minute blackfuses
or cableburnings
life´s drone.
TheatreAnd to think
out of four invisible walls
Folks have managed
to weary down our reading eyes
with floods of thesis.
The curtains can not restAs you meander
through the back stitches
of the high tables
-academics still assuming
every one plastered into the seats
is a wrighter of plays-
echoes of potential accidents
in the night
-tires leave their fears and shivers
most blackbloodily-
they take seconds to reach my shivering window
-too late they arrive,
as the inane giggleshows
intrude from the neighbouring dormitore-
and sob their tragedy
augmented by the hauntings
of rains hours past.
The next week´s wheelings await none:
you hope the locks metalic
order will keep the talkdallying
away from your and your soldiering
thrugh this new years pensum
you hope thw window, with its pastel
eyelids sleeping the night
will relax and stretch purringly
what is left of your weekend
outside you must hear the hail
salute it
farewell -not!- the boredom
on the other side of your room
trust the window lulled
by the city´s bubbly speeches
of rain
coming from the night.
AstronomyBehind the atmosphere
of a lidded window
another twinkling household
is a fading star
in the night before the lifetoil.

Give these guys some love and attention, will ya? :love: They deserve it. :heart:

Till next week.


Coding by SimplySilent
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