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As you all probably know by now (you don’t?! Head over here right now!), our HugQueen put down her hat heart and was given back her senior medal. :cries:

HugQueen has been a community presence that changed the Lit community permanently - even before being a Community Volunteer, Stephy was involved in all kinds of stuff. :faint: She’s the kind of lady that never knows how to stop, and her effort and love have pushed many other members into action, enriching DeviantArt as a whole.

As a CV she has been equally incredible. LiliWrites and TheMaidenInBlack were added to the team in May 2015, and Stephany demonstrated just how well she knew the community and responsibilities by helping both of us along the way, slowly introducing us to everything and helping us rebound from any hiccup. You could not want anyone better as your mentor, and we’re forever grateful! Plus, as the top-lady of CRLiterature, Stephany has always been the pacifying, unifying, firm-yet-kind personality that every group needs. We were just extra lucky in all possible ways to have her with us. :heart:

But apart from all of this, Stephy is really just the most lovely person. She always has a smile, a kind word, she’s the easiest person to bond with, she’s super cute, and she will accept you for who you are - put this and what we said above together, and you have the Awesomest lady ever.

She's, like all the team together. AND the explosions.

So when we got a hunch that it was time for her to leave the team, we decided to come up with a little community activity! We noted lotsa people and asked them to write limericks for our HugQueen… and this is the result. :love: :la: :heart: We didn’t put a signature on the poems because the focus of this journal isn’t ourselves and how our poem was the best, the protagonist is HugQueen and her accomplishments, so anonymous poems seemed to drive this home further. But you’re welcome to announce your poems in the comments. (:

Thank you for everything, Stephy! You are the best. AND IF YOU TRY DISAPPEARING WE WILL HUNT YOU WITH PLUSHIES, CANDY AND HUGS.

Want to get in on the fun and dedicate a poem too? Write your limerick for Stephany in your comment! We will add it in this journal. :D
If a poem is not your thing, tell us and HugQueen what makes her awesome for you. :dummy:

And now, the poems!

There was a young lady named Stephany
Whose hugs were ever so heavenly
She puts us to shame
With the sound of her name
For hugs are truly her specialty.

There once was a strange lonely girl
While walking the beach found a pearl
She ran to her mum
Which wasn't much fun
'Cause that was no pearl, 'twas a curl!

While taking her dog for a walk
Our Stephy took Wags to the park
She picked up a muffin
And hurled it for nothin'
And Wags disappeared in the dark!

There twice was a cat up a tree
Steph chased it de-li-ber-it-ly
In flew a canary
Which seemed quite contrary
The cat burped it up in her tea!

While HugQueen was reading a book
With poems of gobble-di-gook
It started to rain
Which gave her a pain
She had to get off of that hook!

Just look at that girl, what a mess
She calls herself Queen who would guess
She doodles all day
Then goes out to play
Which doesn't surprise, I confess!

I wonder how Stephy pulls through
When now'days there's nothing to do
Twixt Clinton and Trump
Now there's quite a jump
So what's a poor girl gonna do?

At sun up each day Stephy runs
In sweats after tea and two scones
She tries not to dig
Her sports 'bra's too big
While birds overhead hear her moans.

That last one before was a stretch
I'm gonna go lay down to rest
With love to my Queen
Your Knight who's unseen
Whatever it is, I forget!

There once was a queen who gave hugs:
to snails as soon as to slugs.
She'd give hugs to all
(no matter how small)--
where does she find them all? *shrugs*

Kind words, an encouraging smile,
some advice to develop your style—
Steph is helpful and prompt,
so prepare to be glomped,
whether new or around for a while!

With talent and kindness to spare
Our sovereign of genuine care
She welcomes the new
Helps rally the blue —
We’re grateful you’ve always been there.

A limerick for the hug queen
is neither too sweet nor obscene.
From links to reviews
she brings us the news;
being helpful is in her thymine!

Her kingdom she led with kind hand,
and trobadours will sing of her grand
collections and exquisite lit features,
but the love she has for all creatures
is her best gift to the DeviantArt land.

There once was a Queen of DA Hugs
who consorted with DAstardly thugs!
They gave compliments with care
and featured work everywhere
while sipping cocoa from kitty mugs.




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